Iranian Society of Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sport Traumatology (ISKAST) was founded by a group of nationwide known orthopedic sport and knee surgeon including; Dr. Keykavoos Haydarian, Dr. Hosein Behdad, Dr. Mohammad Razi, Dr. Mahmoud Jabalameli, Dr. Mohammad Hasan Kaseb, Dr. Mohammad Naghi Tahmasebi, and Dr. Gholamreza Shah Hosini in 1994.

At that time there were a few center around the country that arthroscopic orthopedic procedure and knee replacement were being performed. Before that time, Iranian orthopedic surgeons had acquired knowledge and experience of knee arthroscopy in the field of reconstruction of ligaments, meniscus and knee cartilage. On the other hand Iranian orthopedic community were got involved more and more in knee replacement surgery. A decade later, a new generation of orthopedic surgeons were trained in international fellowship training centers in America and Europe.

In 2010 the First Biannual International Congress of Iranian Society of Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology (ISKAST) was held in Kish Island, with a new perspective and mission in its own way. After that, in 2012 second, 2014 third, 2016 fourth and 2018 fifth international congresses of ISKAST were held in person in Kish Island with the presence of distinguished speakers from all over the world. With the epidemic of the covid-19 virus, the Knee Surgery Society pursued its activities in a different way, and in 2021, the sixth congress was held virtually with the presence of more than 60 international guest speakers. It also continued its scientific activities by holding monthly webinars.