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The structure of various committees of the association

ISKAST Committees

ISKAST Committees are an integral part of our organization, and their members are the driving force behind our future. The work of these committees is essential to advance ISKAST’s educational mission and successfully deliver our programs. By providing structure for member involvement and developing future leaders for the Society, committees play a crucial role in our continued success.

Benefits of joining committees

“Joining ISKAST committees or task forces is an excellent opportunity to pursue your professional interests, connect with colleagues, and contribute to the advancement of ISKAST and orthopaedic sports medicine in a meaningful way. Our committees are distinct communities within ISKAST that serve as important forums for exchanging information and ideas.”


The ISKAST Committee Appointment process enables members to view all available committee openings and apply for positions that interest them

Appointment Process

The following Committee Appointment and Tenure Policy is reviewed by the Committee on Committees and approved by the Board of Directors Biennially:

- Participation on Committees is solicited every two years through outreach to the membership identifying Committee availability and the work of the Committee structure.

- All Committee appointments (Chairs and Members) are recommended to the Board of Directors through the Committee on Committees, comprised of the First Vice President (Chair), President, Second Vice President, Immediate Past President and CEO-Executive Director.

- Committee Members and Committee Chairs must be Active members in good standing within the Society. Committee Chairs are identified from the membership based on experience within and outside the Society.

- Tenure on Committees is for a four-year term. Members are reviewed every two years for eligibility, including evaluation of the member’s participation while on the Committee and their positive contributions to the successful work of the Committee. Maximum term for Committee Members is four years; however members of a Committee also can be considered for appointment to Deputy Chair or Committee Chair.

- Tenure for Committee Chair or Deputy Chair is a two-year term, with review and possible re-appointment for an additional two years. Maximum term for a Committee Chair or Deputy Chair is four years.

- All Committee appointments (Chairs and members) are confirmed by the Board of Directors biennially, or whenever vacancies occur and a new appointment is required.

Mahmood Jabalameli MD


Dr. Mahmoud Jabalameli is a knee surgeon at Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. He has conducted research on the complications of total knee replacement surgery and the risk factors for failure. Dr. Jabalameli has also contributed to the Iranian Joint Registry, which evaluates and monitors the health and economic outcomes of joint replacement surgery.

He has more research papers and is currently the president of the ISKAST’s board of directors.

Board of directors

ISKAST Executive Committee


 Dr. Mohammad Razi,  is a knee surgeon in Iran. He is the head of the department at Iran University of Medical Sciences and has conducted research on the effects of acupuncture and isometric exercises on pain and quality of life in patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis . Dr. Razi has also contributed to the Iranian orthopedic association as its president .




Aazam Pabandan


Internal Manager

Peyman Hooshmand


Financial Manager